In a perfect world there would be a patisserie on every corner, the scones would always be hot and the espresso would flow endlessly. Unfortunately this is not the case. However, American cafés are having a major moment. Over the past couple years, we’ve seen many high-end restaurateurs tacking on a café to round out their guest dining experience and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. By doing this, they’ve broadened the scope of their business to span from fine dining guests to those out for a casual coffee run.

The café scene offers a more relaxed, affordable dining experience, from brunch tartines on Sunday to a quick cocktail after work. These typically light and airy spaces are being utilized from dawn to dusk.  The environment is designed to encourage simplicity– it’s warm, causal and oh so inviting. With menus offering everything from an array of impressive pastries, innovative salads and baguette sandwiches slathered in fresh- churned butter. Whether you’re looking to dine in or take out, it’s easy to find an excuse to stop in.

If you’re looking to get your café fix locally, check-out a few of our favorite European inspired spots – Restaurant Alma, The Bachelor Farmer Café and Bellecour; and keep your eyes peeled as there’s bound to be more on the horizon…. Cause let’s be honest, a chocolate croissant really is the epitome of timeless style.