The days of smoking, salting, pickling and curing are back. With the New Nordic food trend sweeping the globe, methods of classic preservation have once again been brought to the forefront. Using turnips and whey, pine and juniper, and an abundance of micro-greens, this trend seeks to turn the culinary dial back to primitive times.

With Minneapolis’ bustling food scene and rich Scandinavian roots, it’s no wonder this sought-after food trend has found its way to our doorstep. The principle thought behind this food movement is to emphasize seasonal, local ingredients while defining a culinary approach focused on simplicity and purity. Expect dishes to be presented in a raw, natural form – think vegetable centric, fresh-caught fish from the salty North Atlantic Sea, minimalist plates filled with pickled herring, charred onions and capers or gravlax smorgas with fresh churned butter, radishes and dill.

One of the hallmarks of this classic cuisine is being able to use fresh ingredients in the depths of winter, truly a blessing from the north! So let’s tip our hats to the masterminds behind New Nordic cuisine, for they have left us longing for bitter greens and root vegetables in a nation with temptation on every corner.