Our expert event planners have seen it all! They’ve learned the golden rules of holiday party planning. Here are a few of their holiday tips (recently featured in Elle Decor Magazine!). We hope these ideas help you navigate your holiday hosting with flair and finesse!

1. Make sure you have enough for everyone.



“You don’t have to have a lavish amount of food, but make sure that what you do serve doesn’t run out. Make a bountiful display of snacks, like meats, cheeses and olives. If it looks plentiful, guests won’t be afraid to make a plate.” -Jessica Kielblock, Senior Event Planner​ for D’Amico Catering

2. Welcome unexpected guests with warmth.



“Offer them a drink right away – a cup of coffee, glass of wine or sparkling water. Serve the drinks with a festive, seasonally-appropriate cocktail napkin and it will look like you were waiting for guests to arrive.” -Kristen Zwieg, Event Planner​ for D’Amico Catering

3. Don’t overthink it.



“Just breathe. When it comes to last minute entertaining, don’t stress. Your guests are happy to be invited to your place for dinner, so take it step by step and keep it simple.” -Rachel Bruzek, Senior Event Planner​ for D’Amico Catering