Catering Venues : Mill City Museum

Original, eclectic, spectacular. The striking Mill City Museum was built on the banks of the Mississippi River, amid the ruins of the old Washburn A Flour Mill, a National Historic Landmark. In 2001, major renovations brought the 120-year old building into the 21st century. The award-winning architectural design combines relics of the mill's past with modern steel, brick and wood to create a contemporary, industrial space that beautifully preserves the building's historic integrity. Weathered masonry walls frame a delightfully unpretentious 100 x 100 foot outdoor courtyard, with other spaces in the building boasting a similarly industrial feel, allowing room for up to 1000 guests. For all its raw authenticity, the Mill City Museum is a modern charmer.

All-Star Gala at Mill City Museum Case Study (download pdf)
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The Mill City Museum
704 South Second Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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